Hit me with a kiss

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"Hit me with a kiss" a song with a story behind it. In the nineties I went to Budapest. In a bar I met a Canadian soldier. He worked for the UN in Bosnia (that war was going on at that time) as a sniper. He and I drank a lot of beers and talked about his life. He missed his son and his wife. Since I am a pacifist I asked him how it felt killing people and earning a living by doing that. He did not like my questions...

Listen to the great production! I really like Martijns work on this song.


Hit me with a kiss

I’m close to comfort with my task he said, when I asked
I want straight tonight, but I’m diverted all the time
Is that bad?

And when he hit me with his kiss
I tasted whiskey on my lips burning
Full of fire was he, who loved me

He’d hide in trees to oversee
the targets, hit on the liver or close to it
A figure filled his upper arm
A tattooed Calvin like his so
What a charm

But he kissed me with his fist,
I tasted teardrops on my lips burning
Full of fire was he, who undone me

His head’s at home, a heart o’ stone,
Said: live my life to ruine another one
Bought the sweet another shot
He dropped his guns for the drink was all he got

When he kissed me with his fist,
I tasted blood on my lips, turning,
Full of anger is he, full of hatred he’ll be,
he who learned how to kill me


from This is Solo, released January 7, 2011
Guitar and vocals: Michiel Flamman
Piano, keyboards: Simon Gitsels
Drums: Rowin Tettero
Bass: Reyer Zwart


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Solo Berlin, Germany

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